Is the Yoto Player a Good Gift for Kids of All Ages?
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Is the Yoto Player a Good Gift for Kids of All Ages?

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You might have considered the range of audio devices for children and asked, “Is the Yoto Player a good investment for my child?”. A kids' smart speaker should bring joy, entertainment, and educational benefits. That’s where Yoto Player comes in and allows children to control their learning and play while parents have peace of mind. 

The Yoto Player is a compact and versatile device that has become essential everyday in many households. In this blog post, we will delve into the various features and benefits that make the Yoto Player a good investment for children of all ages.

A speaker children can control easily

The Yoto Player is an audio player that has a Bluetooth speaker. The player has a slot where your child can easily insert a story card to listen to so that it acts as a storyteller. Unlike other smart devices, the Yoto does not use a camera or microphone or play adverts.

What is so special about the Yoto Player?

We asked Mum blogger Ruby to review the Yoto Player and let us know how her children use it. Here are the main takeaways from her YouTube review:

  • The Yoto Player lets kids choose their audio content and control volume. This gives children independence and autonomy over their entertainment.
  • Cards with audio tracks are inserted into the top of the device. Kids can then press buttons to skip between tracks and adjust the volume.
  • For young toddlers, the Yoto Player promotes self-directed learning and play. Older kids will enjoy taking charge of their listening.

Versatility audio device for different ages 

The Yoto Player grows with kids. It's suitable for children from birth through tween and teen years. Families can buy additional audio cards and accessories to match a child’s changing interests and age. Therefore, the Yoto Player is a toy that provides value over many years.

"It's suitable from birth all the way up to twelve plus and even beyond. Children have control of the device, parents have control of the app, and it is something that will grow with your child."

The genius behind the Yoto Player lies in its simplicity. The cards unlock hours of audio entertainment. With buttons conveniently located on the side for volume control and track skipping, children can easily navigate through their favourite stories, music, and more.

Convenience and control for parents

An app allows parents to manage and monitor content on the Yoto Player, making it a safe choice. Through the Yoto app, adults can control the device while children enjoy a sense of independence. This powerful combination encourages exploration and critical thinking and promotes a healthy balance between educational screen time and traditional play activities.

The app provides free audio tracks and options to purchase more, and parents can easily add new content. As a listening device, the Yoto Player also works as a nightlight. The white noise function helps lull kids to sleep.

An investment that holds its value

In addition to its exceptional features and functionality, the Yoto Player is reasonably priced. But what sets it apart from many other toys on the market is its ability to hold its value even through resale. As your child grows and moves on to new interests, you can easily pass on the Yoto Player to another family, knowing that it will continue to bring joy and learning to young minds for years.

With interactive audio, versatile uses, and dual kid/parent controls, the Yoto Player engages children of all ages. It promotes learning and entertainment while giving kids and parents the necessary features. An adaptable, long-lasting gift, it's easy to see why the Yoto Player earns rave reviews.

"We dance to it, sing to it, listen to books, and my daughter even goes to bed with it at night as a nightlight."

Unlocking a world of possibilities

The Yoto Player is not just about entertaining and educating children; it’s about unlocking a world of possibilities. With its robust features, extensive audio library, and adaptable design, this toy becomes an indispensable companion throughout a child’s formative years. Whether it’s bedtime stories, enchanting music, or language learning, the Yoto Player ensures a seamless transition from playtime to learning time.

In a world where children’s toys are abundant, the Yoto Player truly stands out as a game-changer. By giving children control over their learning and play, offering convenience for parents, and holding its value throughout the years, it proves to be a unique and worthwhile investment. 


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